Coventry, Connecticut                   America's Herbal Farmstead

   Caprilands' Herbal Encyclopædia


 The wind-tussled delphinium spikes resemble an international  mob of sailors on shore leave. June 2007


 The restored Flower and Herb Garden

The stone border reset along the renewed path resembles the back of a buried stegosaurus.

By Nicholas and Noelle for Midsummer's day, 2008


No Flanders's Field these poppies mourn

As gaily they  greet a May morn:

May 2008


Digitalis lanata in bloom before the delphinium. June 2008)


Agate, who is not yet aware of the winter snows that will swirl and blanket her autumnal stoop:

Caprilands' Cockerel, Morgen (as in: Guten Morgen), crowing on Easter Morn for Joy and Magic:

At Hill Top House, Sawrey, Cumbria



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